Ariana Grande is all About Self Love and Gratefulness in New Song “Thank U, Next”

Ariana Grande released a new single, “Thank U, Next,” unexpectedly last night that made fans go crazy. Ever since her breakup with Pete Davidson, fans had been anxiously waiting for her to speak out about it. In the past, she has made public posts about her breakups with celebrities such as Mac Miller, but Grande decided to take a different route with a song about each of her exes and how she’s learned to overcome her pain and turn it into self love.

These past two years have been difficult for Ariana Grande-difficult being an understatement. With relationships woes, Mac Miller’s sudden death, and the Manchester bombing. Grande wastes no time addressing her past boyfriends by opening up the song with saying she thought she would end up with Sean [Big Sean], looking back and laughing at her relationship with Ricky Alvarez, her former back up dancer, being thankful for Pete Davidson, and wishing she could thank Malcolm [Mac Miller]. We also get a glimpse of what Grande’s relationship with her father taught her about love, something she rarely speaks about, giving a shout out to her mom for making it through all of her troubles with him and one day walking down the aisle with her instead of her father when she gets married.

Grande has made some important songs in her career, and “Thank U, Next” made it on that list. Being in Grande’s position, many people would hide away from the world and live with hate and sadness, But she did the complete opposite. The chorus is saying how grateful she is for her exes and everything she learned from them including love, patience, and pain. Instead of dropping a song bashing her exes, she let the positivity shine through. She sings about surrounding herself with friends and being in a relationship with herself for awhile. It’s crucial for her young fanbase to see this because Grande is teaching them that self love and self care is the most important thing, and not to have ill feelings towards people who have done you wrong. It’s a lesson everyone can learn from. We should be expecting a fifth album from Grande by the end of the year or early next year, and in lieu of all the heartbreak she’s faced, I don’t think we can expect too many depressing songs from this album. With “Thank U, Next” as the first single, we should expect anthems all about loving ourselves and learning to move on from things that have caused us pain.


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