Is Organic Food Overrated?

If you’re unsure if organic food is worth the extra money, this article by might come in handy.

The backlash was swift. The Organic Consumers Association, a grassroots organization with more than 850,000 members and volunteers, immediately released a… Continue reading

The Parent’s Guide To A Successful Date Night

This post from the Family Focus Blog has some great tips on how to keep date nights alive and present in your life.

Kids change your marriage, that’s a fact. Most married folks know and embrace this, seeing the… Continue reading

Positive Parenting Tools: Time In vs. Time Out

If you use time outs as a tool to discipline your child, the Positive Parenting Connection Blog has another idea. It’s called “Time In”.

Time out is a commonly used parenting practice to stop children from misbehaving. It has… Continue reading

How to Be a More Patient Parent

Picklebums had a great post today about being more patient. There are some great tips and tricks in this article that make it a great read. Enjoy!

finding patience

“You teach preschoolers?? Oh you must be soooo patient!”

“You have four kids?… Continue reading

5 Pleasant Alternatives to Yelling

Thanks to Awesomely Awake for sharing this interesting post!

February 1, 2013 by


Do you yell sometimes? How about a lot? Well, this Abundant Mama interview is for you then. I’m honored to give you a… Continue reading

Why it’s healthy for kids to lie

By Lisa van de Geyn – Originally published in Today’s Parent January 2013

There are days when my four-year-old, Addyson, could rival Pinocchio with the lies that fly out of her mouth.

I’ve seen her rip a tiara out of… Continue reading

Creating a Guilt-free Christmas

Most parents would agree that guilt is one of the common emotions associated with parenting. At Christmas time the sense of guilt can be tremendously heightened. Last Christmas, The Awakened Parent posted a blog about the experience of parental guilt… Continue reading

Down with daddy discrimination, I say

There was a day, back in May, when I received the following phone call from my husband:
Katie: “Hey love, how’s your day going with the baby?”
Blaine: “Well, I’m at the mall and we have… a situation.”
Katie: “A… Continue reading

Momsense: How to de-clutter your life

Does this sound familiar? “Mom, where’s my sock/guitar/soccer ball?” or “I have three lunches to make and the school bus will be here in five minutes!” With the school year underway, now is the perfect time to bring some order… Continue reading

Do you ever feel like a bad Mom?

Being a mother is no easy task. We work non-stop doing the best that we can for our children and most of the time we end up feeling inadequate in some way or another. Most moms suffer from the… Continue reading